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Ophthalmic Lenses

Our opticians are educated to meet your individual eyewear needs, ranging from simple, single-vision corrections to very complex multi-vision corrections. We offer a wide variety of lens designs and treatments to meet your individual needs.

Lens Materials
We will help you choose a lens material that will complement your prescription and provide clear, thin, light-weight lenses.


Multi-vision lenses
Adults over 40 often will need correction for a condition called presbyopia, when their up-close vision becomes blurry. This condition may require a multi-vision lens. Multi-vision lenses are available with lines, called bi-focals and tri-focals, and with-out lines, called progressive lenses. With over 400 progressive lenses on the market, choosing the one for you can be overwhelming. Our doctors and opticians can offer suggestions to meet your specific needs. We offer the newist, customized progressive lenses that deliver unsurpassed high-definition clarity. These are tailored to individual prescriptions and frame choices.

Occupational, Office or Computer Lenses
Are your progressive lenses, bifocals or readers not addressing all your vision needs? The Office lens may be your answer. It is a unique lens designed for professionals, computer users and hobbyists. It provides edge-to-edge, visibly distortion-free, near and intermediate vision. This lens is a great addition to your progressive eyewear by providing wider ranges of near and intermediate vision. It is a great replacement for your readers since it provides correction from up close to ten feet away.

The Ousley Office Lens Package has been designed for you. You will receive the office lens, choice of frame from a select group and desk caddie for only

$179! *

* Certian restrictions apply. See Optician for details.

Anti-reflective Lenses
Anti-reflective lenses virtually eliminate lens reflections, so you get the clearest, most precise vision from your eyeglasses. This feature is especially helpful for reducing glare from computer screens and also when driving at night. Now available to also resist smudges and smears.

Transition® Lenses
Transition®, or photochromic, lenses darken and lighten according to light exposure.

Blue Light Protection Lenses
Harmful Blue Light Rays in the environment and from computers, laptops and cell phones can damage the macula causing earlier signs of macular degeneration. Let us help you choose the right proctection for your eyes.
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